Olivia. Escorts in Rome

Hello baby. I am Olivia, a strip dancer who works now as escort in Rome. I most often describe my work as that of a courtesan. I have written and discussed elsewhere the class and privilege implications of that word, but for me, it holds enough of what I am looking to convey about the experience of my business and practice as a professional in the sex industry. My role in a clients life is that of a confidante, sex educator, co-explorer on erotic fetish adventures and cherished friend. I discuss my own sexuality and desires openly. Many clients trust me implicitly to co-facilitate the threesome of their dreams, as they know I am genuinely bisexual, and the experience will be as enjoyable for me as for them. Many couples invite me into their bedrooms as a trusted guest in their relationships. Together we can explore bisexuality, or sometimes I bring a fresh pair of eyes to a couple who had forgotten how beautiful their relationship really was. I have spent time training in various BDSM disciplines, with people I consider industry specialists. I am also thrilled to receive referrals from people I respect within the industry; I feel it is a strong expression of the faith of my peers in me as a provider. I have also organized and led various workshops and events, broadly on sex-positive or sexuality-based themes, including work on safer sex and sex worker rights. Escort in Barcelona



  • Age 21
  • Weight 51
  • Height 173
  • Breasts 2