Bonnie. Escorts in Rome

Hello darling. I am Bonnie, a precious lady working part-time as escort in Rome. People often describe me as a cultured and artistic, or caring and affectionate woman. I have a deep interests and passion in many, various things. From traditional cultures to contemporary art, music, performing arts. I might be awful to say by myself but people say I am versatile. For my privacy I do not mention too much here, but I look forward to talking with you if you have similar interests. I am not veteran in this industry, however previously I have been working in the most prestigious and historical modern-day-geisha places (you can ask me in person, they are exclusive social salons for very special gentlemen that offer intelligent conversation with ladies in Moscow. They are not escorting places that offer sexual intimacy. You can find similar and affordable non-membership places everywhere in Moscow, but prestigious places for selected celebrities are only a few, and they are now all dying. Sadly or flatteringly, I used to be said often that I was the last woman who offers this traditional culture.), and I have worked as a head of ladies for years. This is why, I am professionally and very strictly trained to offer intellectual conversation and finest hospitality. Also because of this job I was privileged to go to starred/wonderful restaurants every single day, if you are interested I have a big restaurant list to recommend and I have rare skills in traditional cultures. I used to wear luxurious formal every day for years, I can tell you a lot of stories about our traditional culture with accurate and profound knowledge. However, or maybe because of this background, my personal interests are also towards contemporary art/music/architecture, etc. If you have similar interests it is my big pleasure to talk about contemporary cultural topics too. In the intimacy I become a naughty girl who loves lust and carnal desires. I will not say you no to anything, and we together will live unforgettable moments of passion and pleasure. Book me and have fun today.
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  • Age 20
  • Weight 51
  • Height 172
  • Breasts 2